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 Beautiful SilveryJewellery can enhance your life                             Move through life’s stages with our flexible health options

                                            IMPRESSIVE SPARKLE

Quality budget silvery jewellery.  Silveryjewellery, some Rhodium Plated…. .THE SHINE LASTS.  Stones known as Crystal often called Sapphire, all are wonderfully clear and sparkle.  Necklaces.. Bracelets.. Earrings…all sparkle



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Our jewellery is not expensive, yet the quality is

Good for the very reasonable prices.

We have purposely not chosen ‘925’silver as this does tarnish in the air.  Tarnishing is due to a layer of silver Sulphide formed on the surface of the silver giving it a black colour.  Both solid Silver and Silver Plate suffer from tarnishing.

Some of our jewellery is coated with ‘white gold’ which always stays shiny and which is very expensive.  This ‘white gold’ is applied extremely thinly so as to keep the cost to you to a minimum.

All of our sparkling stones are diamond like, or sapphire like, others are amethyst like etc.  We have not used precious stones, such as pure diamond, etc. so as to reduce costs to you.


Contact 01945 585633 or 07780 658242 or e-mail to………………


An example of our many Hairpieces
A sample of our
One our many
One of our clear sparkling RINGS